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Hello All,   I came to UB in May 2010 and was impressed how easy it was to get to know many people - mainly through the help of Ulaanbaatar Apartment staff that really took care. UB in the end is a very small place, you meet the same people again and again.  In fact, UB is not the most beautiful city in the world, but it is a place where you can enjoy culture by meeting with artists, where you can go out in hundreds of bars, clubs and restaurant and where you meet amazing people. Thanks a lot to you to help me make the best out of my stay. Not only helping with an apartment, but really...
Mongolia – such a distance place! And still I feel thankful that my grandchild is feeling good there. This is the most important. So I am not in Mongolia, but still wanted to say thanks!
Henny And Annette
Mongolia is a unique, vibrant place for the community of globetrotters. Obviously, Mongolia’s beauty can only be observed in the vast plains, steppes and mountain ranges being home to a fascinating fauna ranging from eagles to bears, yaks, antelopes and camels. In contrast to this adventure in the countryside we had a nice rest in Ulan Bator – visiting museums, opera and theater – thanks for the great help of this website’s managers.
I stayed almost half a year in Ulaanbaatar, first in a nice small hostel run by a German-Austrian couple and then in an apartment. The market for apartments is quite intransparent and especially in summer it is extremely difficult to find an appropriate solution. Having the help of local people is definitely an asset you don’t want to miss. Even though I haven’t found my apartment via this website, the friends who compile this site have always been very supportive and helpful in many ways, so with this testimonial, I want to give something back.
The internship that I did in Mongolia was really one of the most exciting professional experiences in my life. The nightlife is extravagant and it is easy to get to know people. The good thing was: Ulaanbaatar Apartments helped me find a very nice apartment right in the city center and helped me get to know the extended neighborhood. Mongolia is really the place to be and make sure to talk to Ulaanbaatar Apartments’ team to see modern, stylish apartments right in the heart of the city.